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We support fathers in having healthy, nurturing and ongoing relationships with their children by providing them with coaching, counseling, education, and advocacy.


Being a good parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. We help you parent from your best self...  Do you want to be a GREAT dad?

Fatherhood Support Services will help you engage fully, effectively, and responsibly in your children’s lives. We will help you build relationships with your children that are healthy, nurturing and ongoing.

We provide a wide range of services for dads whether you live with your children or not. We can assist you in your pursuit of paternity, visitation and parenting time and teach problem solving for your toughest parenting challenges. We offer discussion and support groups, parenting skills classes to meet court ordered requirements, strengths based coaching and counseling, supervised visits for fathers in the program, networking and family activities.

Be a responsible father!

Focused services for divorced, young and first time fathers.

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Help for Dads

We Help with:    
Divorce   Parenting Time
Visitation   Modifications
Child Support   Parenting Classes
Enforcement of Orders   Short-Term Supervised Visitation
Custody   Co-Parenting Education and Support
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