The Parenting & Fatherhood Support Center

About Us

We are a non-profit parenting support agency that assists anyone in a parenting role in maintaining responsible and effective parenting relationships. Our philosophy is to empower parents to negotiate institutional, emotional and societal obstacles they may encounter in their efforts to be fully involved with their children. We provide quality services on a reduced fee scale in order to make our services accessible to all.

Practitioners are trained in considering more than the parent and the family environment, we also look at the community and the systems parents function in. We assess how these systems impact our clients, their families, work and home.   Staff members are experienced advocates providing support and clarity for fathers, mothers, step parents, grandparents or others in a parenting role.

In its sixth year of operations  we have served nearly 500 parents.  90% of our clients are fathers and we have also been retained to assist grandparents, step parents and mothers in challenging custodial situations.
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