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Nurturing Fathers:
Every Tuesday night from 6-8pm, a group of dads come from as far away as Brush, Co to talk about their kids and learn some new parenting techniques.  Some of these dads see their children regularly and some don’t.  They are a widely diverse group, diverse in age, culture, education, employment and how they were raised.  They do have one very, very important thread in common - the desire to be a great father - available, loving, strong and effective.
  At 4 months (16 weekly sessions), this class is a long haul.  And when fathers first sign on, some of them they think we are nuts for expecting them to come every week.  Because you need to get all 16 lessons to be completely well versed in nurturing, we are pretty tough on attendance. If you miss a class you have to make it up in an individual session.  Here are the reasons these dads think you should sign up:

v  My daughter is 2 years old; learning about the value and of redirection and routine has saved me!

v  I saw my 3 year old son last week for the first time in several months and everything I learned just came together and made sense.   I was able to play with him in a way he found fun and he was so excited.

v  It seems to me that everyone should take this class; it makes being with your kid and understanding your kid so much easier!

v  This stuff really works!  EVERYONE should take this class.

v  Finally, I am learning how to address problem behaviors without causing my kids to feel hurt or ashamed.

v  I have taken a lot of classes in my life, but I have never learned more than I have learned here.

v  I spend less time punishing my kids now and more time building my relationships with them.
v  Because fathers who haven’t had the best fathering examples need to have learning experiences to help them handle certain situations and be provided with the tools to instill morals and values in their children through parenting.

v  Being in the class has helped me understand just what my rights are and how important the role of a father is. I feel more empowered and secure in my role as a dad and I am looking forward to a healthy future with my daughter.

v  This has been a great experience with a positive group atmosphere. It has helped me to stay focused and I have learned a lot I hope to apply with my daughter. I  would highly recommend this class to other fathers.

Countless studies have shown that when fathers are involved - kids benefit in every area - socially, emotionally, academically and psychologically. Positive father involvement does not only enhance the lives of children (and dads), mothers also benefit greatly from added support. Therefore, it is in the best interests of everyone when nurturing fathers are highly involved in the lives of their children.

Unlike toaster ovens, kids don’t come with instruction manuals - and raising a child is possibly the most challenging and meaningful task a man can ever have. Sure, 16 weeks is a long time. But how many hours have you spent throughout your life in chemistry, algebra and literature classes? Or in boardrooms and offices in meetings? Or in line at fast food drive- thrus? Give us a call and sign on for our class today - and see if what you learn with us is not more valuable than anything you’ve ever learned anywhere else. Period.

Keys to Positive Parenting: 
This class is open to couples, moms, dads, step parents, & grandparents.  12 weeks, 2 hours/week covering topics such as
Natural & Logical Consequences, 11 Positive Discipline Techniques, Attachment, the Development of Self Esteem, Core Strengths every child needs, how to handle TV, Homework, Chores, Mealtimes, Communication and Fair Fighting.

Effective Co-Parenting:
Two 3 hour classes on keeping your child out of the middle, resolving philosophical differences, communication, keeping exchanges happy & healthy, tools for respectful co-parenting.

Please call or email for registration or more information.

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