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Do you remember Mars & Venus?

 In case you don't...

They met, they went out, they were swept away by chemistry, they moved in together, maybe they got married.  They had a baby, maybe a couple of babies.  The kids got older, the responsibilities got tougher and maybe money got tighter.  They changed, grew up, grew apart, they weren't feeling swept away anymore.  Over time things “went south” as they say.  Feeling were hurt, people were hurt.  Both Mars & Venus talked to attorneys.  Words like win & custody & support payments were used.   Things got messier & angrier.  Both Mars & Venus decided they would be the last one standing no matter what.  The kids started having trouble in school, being sad & anxious, maybe crying more and sleeping less.  Fingers were pointed.  "It’s all your fault!"  they said to each other.

Breakups and divorce are hard on everyone, especially the children. 

We welcome the participation of mothers.  Biological mothers, step mothers and other significant women in a parenting role can utilize our counseling, coaching and education services.  If the father of your child is previously enrolled in our program he is our primary client and we will respect our client’s wishes as to your level of participation, just as programs serving mothers do for their clients. 

We offer individual support, couples counseling and conflict resolution counseling around differences in parenting philosophies and co-parenting approaches. We also provide other supportive services to mothers and children.   We do not provide domestic violence services for women but can provide resource information and referrals immediately if needed.

The program is staffed by both women and men.  The director of the program worked in human service, education, and child care settings serving mothers and children as the primary consumers for more than 25 years before starting programming for fathers.  We know how important both parents are to their children and believe that by empowering fathers to develop their parenting style and skills we offer support to mothers as well.

Let us know if there is something we can help you with.

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