The Parenting & Fatherhood Support Center

What we do best... our services for fathers

Coaching, counseling & case management for "soon to be", new, young, experienced, single or divorcing  dads.   Participants develop their parenting skills, style and philosophy while strengthening their emotional, psychological, and behavioral "fitness" in order to be the best dad they can be. Topics covered align with participant goals and include conflict management, communication skills and co-parenting. 

An advocacy and empowerment program for nonresidential fathers who are seeking help pursuing parenting time. Especially beneficial for those fathers who may be losing or have lost access to their children as the result of a relationship breakup or ongoing conflict with the child's mother.  We provide system navigation, supportive individual services, education and case management related to parenting disputes, child support, modifications, increases in and enforcement of parenting time orders.  When parents experience and understand, first hand, empowerment and advocacy they then become much more empowered advocates for their own children.

We offer these services in individual appointments and in groups. Supports outside of family and friends often provide greater understanding, more similarity and opportunities for empathy and camaraderie. Groups are an information resource that can provide healing components to a variety of problems and challenges. Fathers in the FSS program learn new ways to handle challenges, cope with changes, and maintain new positive behaviors.

We help fathers parent from their strongest selves and build up their "dad muscle".

Did you know?

             “Virtually every major, social pathology has been linked to fatherlessness; violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy, teen pregnancy, suicide – all correlate more strongly to fatherlessness than to any other single factor. The majority of prisoners, juvenile detention inmates, high school dropouts, pregnant teenagers, adolescent murderers, and rapists all come from fatherless homes.

Stephen Baskerville in “The Politics of Fatherhood”

Sunday Support Group for Fathers

Every Sunday night at 7 pm a group of fathers gather to share experiences and offer support to one another.
If you are interested in joining please share your name, phone number, and email address. 


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