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Parenting and Fatherhood

Our story...

We started as a granted funded nonprofit running a small parenting program serving dads.  We grew into a parenting support center and, by request, began serving moms as well.  The parenting and fatherhood center became a well know, professional parenting and visitation program.  Unfortunately, non profit funding is unpredictable and trend driven.  Funding for community based individual parenting support has all but disappeared.  The Center, and its program offering father support, now operate as a social enterprise.  Services are provided at rates that are greatly reduced from industry standards related to parenting time and divorce.

 What differentiates this social enterprises from other organizations is that our mission is as core to our success as any potential profit. By sharing our services in the open market, the income earned goes toward the continuation of the work. This allows us to assist in reducing social problems and improving people's life chances.

The Parenting and Fatherhood Center is a mission driven social enterprise.

Our mission is to help parents build nurturing, effective, healthy and ongoing relationships with their children by providing coaching, support, advocacy & education services.

When a social enterprise profits society profits. 

Connecting dads and kids

It's a tagline and it's what we do. Help dads get closer to their kids, no matter how old they are or where they are. We support dads in having healthy, effective, & nurturing relationships with children of all ages, no matter where they are in your life and in your world. We also help fathers pursuing paternity, visitation, expanded parenting time and changes in custody. We offer therapeutic supervised visitation and reunification services that includes the Keys to Positive Parenting education curriculum.

We want responsible fathers to have more time with their children. Responsible fathers are men who relate in safe, nurturing, healthy ways to their children and the children’s mothers. Responsible father meet their obligations and are supportive of their children’s healthy relationships within family groups. Responsible fatherhood in the United States is traditionally defined by financial provision and declaring legal paternity, AND we know that it also includes actively participating in caregiving tasks, school activities, parenting responsibilities, as well as spending time in play, and paying attention to the child's well being.  

Out with the old and in with the new!!

   The current director of FSS is retiring this month.  Meg was the founder of the program and kept it running for the last 10 years.  On August 31st, 2018 new staff will succeed Meg.  Jason Vitello, MSW will be the new Director.  He will be partnering with Ray Washington and Benzel Jimmerson to expand services and bring in exciting new program opportunities to broaden  support for fathers and children.

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