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Fatherhood Support Services

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Our services

Parent services

  1. Support for fathers. 
  2. Fathers living with their children and fathers who are not.    
  3. Coaching for increased parenting skills
  4. Parenting skill assessments 
  5. Parent-child interaction assessments
  6. Joint parenting assessments
  7. Mediated parenting plans
  8. Safe, supportive space to discuss  parenting concerns and questions.

Parent-Child Services .

  • Parent-child observation series: to assist in determining connection and relationship between adult and child.


  • Visitation services: Facilitated supervised visits ~ also court ordered as therapeutic supervised visitation. Visits include coaching, facilitation, education and assessment.  This is not family therapy, but rather a process to support parents in building confidence in new, positive approaches to relationships with children. 


  • Reunification services: for parents who have had an absence from the relationship with their child.  A detailed and individualized protocol is determined after all  intake appointments.   Questions about these services can be addressed in an overview context prior to the intakes.

  • These services includes both residential and non residential parent in the process.  We require a detailed court order or a signed document stating the agreed participation of all parties.  Fee assessment is determined by court order and program protocol.  Both re-unification and supervision services include the Keys to Positive Parenting education curriculum

Pursuit of parenting time

If you are without an attorney (self-represented or “Pro Se”) we offer Pro Se support services. You can learn how the court system related to your case operates and the helpful resources available to you. Get assistance in using the required forms along with case management  and judicial site instruction.


Support for your effort and court process available one time or on an ongoing basis.

This is not a lawyer referral service.