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“I had no idea that such programs existed! Having to take on the challenge of going to court to fight for the right to parent my children seemed overwhelming at times, and Fatherhood Support Services was with me every step of the way. They coached me on how to interact with the CFI, attorneys, my children and my former spouse throughout the stressful ordeal. They also helped me to manage my anxiety, fear and frustration. In the end, I was granted more time and access to my children than I had thought was even possible! I know that this wouldn’t have happened without the support of FSS.”  - G.G., father of two (ages 6 and 14)

“The classes  I took at Fatherhood Support Services have helped strengthen my relationships with my children.  I have learned about empathy, empowerment, handling emotions, alternatives to spanking and so much more. I made many mistakes in the past, and more often than not, it was because I just didn’t know any better.  Because of the damage done, the progress between my kids and I has been gradual. However, they have been shocked to see the positive changes that I have made in my interactions with them and in my own life. The classes equipped me with the knowledge I need to be the best father I can be, but and have helped me learn to be a better man and role model for my boys.” – A.B., father of six (ages 2-14)

 “I started going to FSS when they first opened.  At that time I was only seeing my daughter in a supervised visitation center twice a week for 3 hours each time.  Now, two years later, I just had a two week vacation with my daughter over the winter school break.   We visited all her cousins and their families and her grandparents.  Two years ago I wanted to walk away and give up.  But the social worker at FSS helped me through it all, the transitions to unsupervised time, the first overnights, the hearings, the child support problems, and every other road block that was thrown in my path.   I am so glad that I didn’t give up and walk away.  I have my daughter back.” – J.J., father of 9 year old daughter

“When I started going to classes and counseling at FSS I was fighting with my daughter’s mother at every exchange, at every pick up, and on the phone in between.  Together, the class, the counseling, the support of my counselor, the help talking to child support, and getting together with other dads every week and all the techniques I learned and practiced changed everything.  By the end of six months it was all different and last fall my daughter, her mother and I were able to decide together, with no fighting, what high school she would go to.” - R.K., father of HS freshman

“I was alone, it didn’t seem that there was anyone who could or would help me see my kids, then I got the telephone number for FSS from 211 and I called.  On the first phone call they told me they could help me even though my kids were in another state.  I went every week for 8 weeks. They helped me write a parenting plan, they talked to my ex-wife’s lawyer and they talked to the people at the court.  They helped me get the forms from the internet and helped me fill them out.  When it came time to go to court I took the parenting plan FSS helped me write and all the emails from the social worker and the lawyer and went to the hearing.  The judge looked at everything I had, read the letter about the FSS program and then gave me an order that had everything we had all worked out for the parenting plan.”  – A.I., father of 3 (ages 4, 7 and 9)

I had an ugly, angry divorce that in total cost me $30,000.00 in legal fees.   I also spent  $2700 on individual coaching at FSS.  I learned more valuable information  from the social worker who coached me than I did in any other aspect of the process.  I would have been lost without that social worker.  When  my attorney was unavailable she made time to help me with answers.  I owe my relationship with my kids to her, rather than the lawyers.  - T.K. father of 4 (ages 2,5, 9, &13) 

Big news!

Fall  2018 ~ Fatherhood Support Services will begin its 10th year of services.  Since its inception the program has served more than 1,000 parents and helped them increase the quality and amount of time spent with their children.